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The place of real porn in our lives varies from age to age.Of course we know the meaning of porn porn for all of us!Porno pornography is abbreviated name. Sexuality content. In order for a porno to be porno sexually explicit parts of the body are needed :) otherwise it can not be a porno movie :).
Now let's go to the most fun part ...Why are we watching porn and how can we shorten it.

Adding color to sexual life
In real life, sex can sometimes be boring and monotonous. Most people turn to porn movies to get rid of this boring and monotone. According to the already scientifically determined porn, vitality adds color and secretes the brain's dopamine hormone.

People use pornography to get new ideas and new fantasies when their sex lives are over.

Naked woman
Men love to watch naked women.Porno is the biggest resource that can meet this need.

When women are bored, they watch the series, and when many men are bored they watch porn. It is a big reason for it. When watching pornography, pornographic content does not stay like a picture frame in the brain and it does not go to mornings and senesters. As you watch, your mind is settled with new pornographic images.

For learning purposes
Some people watch porn to influence women sexually and offer different things. So he sees this as a sexual education for themselves.

We have not started like that anyway.) All of your crime curiosity.When you look at these interesting discourses we heard during the adolescence, they took us inside.

Sexual pressure
When a single sex comes together in a friend's environment, porn comes in front of the topics that are spoken. The girl or the girl does not notice. We do not stay away from that environment and we try to watch porn so that it does not look like uninformed (Porno, porno, porno, porno, porno are all the same And it all ends in the same way :))

Facilitating sexual pleasure
It is much more enjoyable to masturbate by thinking of masturbation by watching porn.

This is already the last stage. As long as you have all the other reasons you can get up. According to scientific research, porn is acting on drugs in our brains.

The reasons are very impressive, and let's look at the solutions to stop watching porn.

Last Porn Dependence

+ Of course, you have to ask, give up, give up before everything. Please remember that things that are far away will become easier. The more important thing is to remove the pornographic contents in our brain within a certain period of time.

+ If you are a constant person with you, if you are having a good time with it, it means that the job is over. You will not be able to watch porn for that person to be embarrassed to open porn next to him. If you enjoy hanging with that person, you will not remember poornoy.

It is easy to find porn sites that are just a click away from your annoyance.

+ A new activity. Spend the rest of your time for another activity, but do not give up. Be active. Now you will say how you will find an indispensable activity! Remember that every activity you are successful is indispensable.

There is also the option of directing to the Dana. I can say that the solution is simple. I can call it the perfect solution.You will not be able to do it because of the tiredness.You fear the god of Allah already.It was not enough enough to work on this road! But even if you go away from this pornography, .In short, ALLAH affets us :).

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The subject is changing the direction of life for those who want to spend most of your life laughing a little bit about the bad news that you all want the most and from the business life, economic crises, politics and most of the agenda, and by taking advantage of sexual content as the majority (as you know, Laughing jokes :)) we will both laugh and think, trying to get you and myself out of this darkness of the world for a moment, even for a moment. Of course I will also give the reader a warning of 18 :) but I do not think there is a precaution in this country in our country. They will laugh more than we already do. I like to hear you say that our culture has changed a lot: just so, but this is what I will do here. And even the changing culture will laugh.

The subject is full of laughter, according to what I bring to light, and it is about to meet us on topics that will make us laugh from the tires.