14 Aralık 2016 Çarşamba


The subject is changing the direction of life for those who want to spend most of your life laughing a little bit about the bad news that you all want the most and from the business life, economic crises, politics and most of the agenda, and by taking advantage of sexual content as the majority (as you know, Laughing jokes :)) we will both laugh and think, trying to get you and myself out of this darkness of the world for a moment, even for a moment. Of course I will also give the reader a warning of 18 :) but I do not think there is a precaution in this country in our country. They will laugh more than we already do. I like to hear you say that our culture has changed a lot: just so, but this is what I will do here. And even the changing culture will laugh.

The subject is full of laughter, according to what I bring to light, and it is about to meet us on topics that will make us laugh from the tires.

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